Buying property needs careful attention to detail. At GP Legal we have specialists in the field to guide you through the whole process.


Conveyancing Intoduction

There have been a number of significant changes in the process of buying and selling property in the last decade, not the least which has been the settlement system being relocated into online workspaces.
GP Legal has been helping buyers and sellers in DEE WHY/ PENRITH* for many years and are very well acquainted with the local area and the many different property types located there.

We are experienced with the legal rules of property law and make sure we understand the specific needs of our conveyancing clients so we can provide the appropriate legal advice.

Whether you are a first home buyer, getting ready to upsize or downsize or working on your investment property portfolio, you can trust our highly experienced Conveyancing team which includes both Property Law Solicitor and Licenced Conveyancer to advise you upfront on your rights and obligations and then stay on top of things and keep you informed throughout the conveyancing process.

Buying a Property


We are happy to offer a free review for your first Contract and can assist with arranging pre-purchase inspections of the Property to ensure it is free of building defects, pests or, in the case of apartments, strata-related issues.

If you are bidding at Auction, GP Legal will ensure your contract is reviewed promptly and negotiate any changes required with the Purchaser’s Solicitor prior to bidding day that only apply in the event you are the successful bidder.

We can be available for over-the-phone consultation at auction time.

Once you have successfully purchased the property, GP Legal will make the necessary enquiries and liaise with your banker or mortgage broker to ensure.

For new homeowners, we know you are excited to get in there and take possession and will help facilitate this process and represent you with any requests whether it be to seek early access to the property or to address issues arising from your pre-settlement inspection.

For investors we can ensure that this latest acquisition for yourself, your company or your family trust or self-managed superannuation fund is compliant with the relevant legislation and that any tenancy issues are dealt with.

Estate Planning

First Home Buyers


Going through the conveyancing process for the first time can be daunting. Properties can be rife with nasty surprises. While there are certain things that must be disclosed in a Contract, it can take an experienced eye to spot and further investigate a potential issue.

GP Legal can also assist with:
⦁ First Home Buyer exemptions or concessions on Stamp Duty
⦁ First Home Loan Deposit Scheme (New Homes)
⦁ House and Land packages



When a property is “off the plan”, or purchased before it is built, the Contract used is more complex and requires careful explanation so that you understand your rights and responsibilities before signing.

GP Legal will take you through the clauses and explain their meaning and the issues and risks involved, particularly in relation to the extent to which the ‘Sunset Clause’ can be extended and what options are available to you should circumstances change with you or with the property market before settlement takes place.

We will also explain what the terms of the Contract allows the Developer to change; when you buy off-the plan, the developer will sometimes require/ allow you to make various decisions and choices about the way it is fitted out.

Important to get legal advice to ensure you make optimum decisions. In one case a clause allowed the Developer to completely change the bathroom fitout from the specifications selected by the Client.

Once the plans are finally registered, GP Legal will check the final plans to ensure they are aligned with what you were originally promised in the original contract.

Selling a Property


When choosing an Agent to sell your property, consult with us regarding your Agent’s proposed Agency Agreement so we can ensure you are provided with the best possible deal.

We can advise you on how potential disputes with Agents can be prevented or efficiently resolved.

Preparing a Contract for Sale needs to take place before an Agent can start marketing your Property. When GP Legal prepares your Contract for Sale, we make sure to ask the right questions so your Contract contains the correct property information and documents as well as the Special Conditions required to protect your interests.

There may be tax implications to consider for those who are living overseas or new properties where GST is payable on the sale.

We will advise you on their requests for Contract changes, negotiate on your behalf with prospective Purchasers and ensure that Contracts are exchanged correctly.

From then until settlement, GP Legal will guide you through all the required applications for certificates to ensure your matter is ready for settlement on time.

Purchasers can come up with a variety of requests during this time and we will help you assess those requests and consider your options.

When the time comes for settlement, with our years of experience using the PEXA e-conveyancing system, GP Legal liaises with the other parties and carefully monitors the progress of your matter to ensure as smooth a settlement as possible.

Retirement Villages


If you are looking for a trouble-free retirement, one major decision you will need to make is whether you want to purchase a lot (apartment or townhouse) in a strata or community; buy shares in the company that owns the property; sign a long-term (up to the tenant’s lifetime) lease; live on the property as a licensee; or sign a lease as a tenant.

Welcome to the complicated world of Retirement Villages.

Becoming the owner of a unit in a Retirement Village is different to buying a house and not all involve a traditional Contract of Sale.

You need to fully understand what is involved not just when you buy but also where and how your fees will be spent during your time there and what happens when you want to leave the Village.

GP Legal have had considerable experience in assisting Clients with all different Retirement Village occupation types and can take you through and explain what are often quite complicated documents and explain your rights and obligations and the initial and ongoing costs involved.



GP Legal has had extensive experience in assisting both tenants and landlords for the rental of residential, commercial and retail properties.

Where a Lease is being entered into, we can negotiate terms regarding lessor contributions, rent abatement and usage.

The have dealt with large shopping centre owners in retail lease disputes and run cases involving unconscionable conduct and where the lessor has failed to disclose key information in their Disclosure Statement as required by the Retail Leases Act.

We have acted for clients in leases in both District Court and at the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT).

Other Property Law Services
⦁ Transfers of Title and Leases
⦁ Advise and witness signing Bank documents for Loan Guarantors
⦁ Surrender of Lease
⦁ Lodging and Removal of Caveats
⦁ Transmission Application and Notice of Death


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